Pre-building Work

As fully licensed contractor, Civicom serve homeowners and commercial builders. We build (homes) apartments, bungalows, maisonettes, and flats and (commercial) offices, hospitals, supermarkets, shops, universities and schools, project buildings and go downs.

Pre-building Works

 i) Environmental impact assessment report

ii) Building a master plan

iii)Conceptual Budgeting

iv) Life-Cycle Analysis

v) scheduling

Maintaining pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for water/liquids distribution and waste disposal in commercial and industrial or residential buildings.

/water tank, sewer and water line repair, replacement, and a full line of liquids

Completed Projects

New Projects

Achieving Gender Equality by increasing agency of rural African women through income, income control and knowledge

What we do

Civicom is transforming women´s businesses and alleviates poverty in rural Africa by prioritizing jobs.

Training. Civicom trains rural African women to become masons, architectures and business persons


How we do

Civicom builds affordable low cost houses for low-income persons in Africa

Cross-Compensation. Civicom builds commercial and homes for companies, individuals, governments, and NGOs and use 80% of the profits to subsidize the cost for women who cannot afford to buy affordable houses and women businesses and 20% for administration costs.

Tenders. Women use mobile phones and office visits to access tenders posted on website/social medias / office and inform Civicom team

Licenses: Civicom supports women who have no licenses and companies to use our experts, licenses and money to acquire tenders they have identified

Why we do

Civicom enables low-income persons to own homes, women to acquire tenders, start businesses or increase stock by prioritizing jobs for rural African marginalized and poor women

Where we work

Civicom works and creates jobs in Kenya with plan to branch out to Zambia and Lesotho in near future