Construction Works
CIVICOM construct and improves infrastructure
We construct roads, buildings, and water lines
We do demolitions, minor and major repairs

Freight Forwarding

CIVICOM is Global freight forwarder, consolidators & customs agent.
We ship by Sea, Inland, Air & Multimodal.
We ship Door to Door, Port to Port, Door to Port, Port to door


CIVICOM is both real estate developer and agent
We help buyers to buy, help tenants to rent properties
You can Buy or Rent Commercial, Homes and vacant land


CIVICOM is a platform for global investors
Invest your money in real estate booming business
BOBS. Invest in properties for sale                                BOBL. Invest in properties for letting                                JOINT VENTURES with vetted properties                            LEND MONEY to property owners and earn profits the month following

Our Vision

To help people, businesses and investors worldwide realize their potential-instantly

Our Values

  • It´s best to do one thing really, really well
  • What got you here won´t get you there
  • Good is not enough if better is there
  • Focus on closing deals

Our Clients

We are present, around the world, where our clients need our services

Our Mission

To help people live healthy, business to thrive and prosper,  and investors to invest

Our Goals

  • Establish and preserve management accountability to Civicom’s owners by appropriately distributing rights and responsibilities among Civicom Board members, managers, shareholders and Clients.
  • Provide a structure through which management and the Board set objectives and monitor performance.
  • Strengthen and safeguard our values
  • Encourage the efficient use of resources, and to require accountability for stewardship of those resources.

Our Purpose

CIVICOM transforms. Through our services, Civicom plays an active and critical role.Our services we make across public, private and individuals have long-term benefits for families,  communities, and countries.
  • CIVICOM Water is the journey to water for life
  • CIVICOM Improvement is the journey to improved infrastructure like roads, buildings, and water supply
  • CIVICOM Jobs is the journey to self-reliance
  • CIVICOM Farm is the journey to food security 
  • Climate change
JOHNATHAN MOMANY              
  • Aggressive Tactics
  • Business Strategies
  • Innovations
  • Global Cooperations
  • Buy & Rent Homes
  • Buy & Rent commercial
  • Buy Vacant Land & plots
Dibwa kabengele
  • Software Engineer
  • Webmaster
  • Sales
  • Customs Clearance
  • Import / export documents
  • Duty Payment
  • Global Freight Forwarder
  • International Ocean Freight
  • International Air Freight
  • Domestic Road Freight
AUGUSTIN MUGIRANEZA                   Business Development
  • Global Freight Forwarder
  • Customs Clearing Agent
  • Documentation Services

Grab your opportunity today


Work locally.
Your roles as Civicom Franchisee
With franchise opportunities in your country, chances are you don’t have to go far to be part of the team
Comprehensive Training & Support
As a Civicom franchisee, you’ll discover that, although you operate an independent business, you’re far from being alone.
  • You will discuss with our experts & other  franchisees 
  • Our Customer and Technical Service teams are very knowledgeable and always ready 

How To Apply

Take the first step towards owning and operating a successful franchise Business with Civicom.
The application process is easy. submit your Franchise Business Plan (FBP), a representative from our franchise team will soon contact you.

Civicom Sales Agents

Work From Home. Serve globally.
Your roles as Civicom Sales Agent
  • Oversee daily clients operations
  • Lead generation
  • Negotiate pricing with customers
  • Create ID and data for new clients
On Your Own, But Not Alone
When you become sales agent, you are starting a  job for yourself 
What We Provide ongoing training, mentoring, and field support.

How To Apply

Take the first step towards Civicom Sales Agent.          Work From Home. Serve globally.
The application process is easy. submit your Sales Agent Plan (SAP), a representative from our Sales team will soon contact you.

Open Jobs

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